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Does oil quality matter


Regular oil changes are extremely important in the maintenance of your vehicle. Roughly every 5,000 to 6,000 (or sooner, in some cases) is a good goal for oil changes, but are you aware of why oil changes are necessary? Some drivers may not know, and it's possible to use the wrong oil for your car. Keep reading to learn more about oil quality and why it matters for your vehicle!

  • Modern Oil
  • To make sure you're getting the best quality oil, look for the API service symbol or the API certification mark. They are shaped like a donut and a starburst, respectively. SM oil is the highest rated oil, and it's engineered to improve rust-resistance and to keep your engine clean from too much buildup. Lower quality oils can still be on the market, so look for these qualifications.

  • Oil Types
  • Conventional and synthetic are the two main types of oil. Conventional oil tends to be the more inexpensive option and is OK to use in most engines. There are, however, some engines (such as in luxury or performance vehicles) that require synthetic oil. So, what's the difference between synthetic and conventional oils? Well, synthetic has gone through extra refinement processes, and it's better suited for fine-tuned engineering. There are also blended oils on the market for unique needs such as high-mileage vehicles or turbocharged engines.

  • What's Right for You?
  • Be sure to review your owner's manual for the best type of oil for your vehicle. This manual is great for learning about the specifics of your vehicle and what it requires for maintenance. You can also rest assured that our service technicians know precisely the best type of oil for your vehicle, down to the specified weight.

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